San Mar Properties: Making Lives Better

To the Director of SAN MAR/Kings View Manor

Without overstating my personal opinion or perception of the following facts, my position is clearly to tell it like it is:

Before my arrival I heard many good things about this place, residents and staff and I’ve found nothing to the contrary of the information I was given. The complex is immaculate, the entertainment, activities, large spacious patio and maintenance upkeep in every facet was just what I was looking for.

The area and surrounding community is quiet, serene and comfortable. The extent of gratitude, courteously, respect and understanding of the staff, administration and residents go a long way in unifying human decency, integrity and dignity. Responsibility and accountability is visible and felt through the many personas, walk, talk and character of those present, which is quite different from any place I’ve every stayed.

I am content and quite pleased where God and his grace have led me and it is my plans to remain.